City Council District Six Winter Storm Update

wan_190Passing along the following information and link to e-newsletter from our City Councilperson Alex Wan.

I hope that everyone is staying safe during the current weather conditions in Atlanta. Here is some important information I want to share with you regarding the situation:

  • Please avoid getting on the roads if at all possible, particularly as the temperatures continue to drop, and the roads begin refreezing.
  • The City’s priority has been to assist GDOT with unclogging the interstates. We are also working on clearing major arterials through the City, followed by secondary streets.
  • The Mayor’s office informs us that abandoned vehicles in the City of Atlanta street right-of-ways are simply being moved to the side and out of the way, and not to other lots. Where the City is assisting GDOT in clearing the interstates, cars are also being moved to the side and not to another lot. In instances where vehicle owners are with their cars and need assistance, those cars are being towed to lots.
  • The City will be mobilizing with meals this evening for those that are still stranded in their cars and in shelters, fire stations, etc. Please help us make sure that those in need are accounted for by having them call 911 or contact Michael Sterling in the Mayor’s office at 404-664-1921.

We also learned earlier this afternoon that all Atlanta Public School students are now safely at home. City of Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools will remained closed tomorrow due to the weather and icy road conditions.
I will continue sharing updates with you as I receive them. Please be safe in all of your activities until everything melts.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


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