Input Needed for Virginia-Highland Master Plan


By: Jess Windham and Jenifer Keenan

As detailed over the last few months, a Master Plan for Virginia-Highland is being developed to address a wide range of issues in our neighborhood – from traffic and parking, to historic preservation, and everything in between.  In order to make the Plan a success, and reflect the hopes and wants of the neighborhood, we’d like to know all about your neighborhood experiences. One of the most visible and active tools in the Master Planning process is the website ( and its accompanying tool box of features that will gather input directly from you and enable people with all kinds of schedules to participate.

From today through Friday November 8th, you can share your experiences, opinions, and unique perspective on Virginia-Highland through a brief online survey: Having your feedback will be key to shaping the questions to be addressed in the Master Plan. What do you think are the most important issues that will be facing Virginia-Highland in the next five years? How would you rate parking or the cost of housing?

At the bottom of the survey, you’ll find another tool we are excited about: an online map where you can pinpoint and note exactly what you have observed, love, hate, or want improved in Virginia-Highland.  You can add your input directly to the map at The map will allow you to place a “dot” on a specific area on the map and add comments tied to that map location.  This will enable the community to address specific issues – like whether a stop sign is needed for a particular intersection – to more general issues, like the impact of large events and festivals on our community.

For all you Instagram fans, send us pictures of what you love (or hate!) about Virginia-Highland to @VaHi_ATL with the hashtag #welovevahi. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and reminders for events.

On top of feedback from all of these tools – the website, survey, interactive map, and social media – we will also be holding focus groups on specific topics, a Design Workshop, and a Plan Presentation in the coming months. The Design Workshop and Plan Presentation will be open to the public. Details on dates, times and locations will be announced soon.


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