Meeting Reminder: Historic District Exploration for Two Virginia-Highland Subdivisions

VHLogo_color_horiz_letterheadWhat: #3 in a series of informational meetings regarding exploration of historic district designation for two Virginia-Highland subdivisions. This meeting is primarily for residents in Adair Park living on the North side of Adair Ave., the East side of Todd Rd., and all of Rupley Drive – but any interested party may attend. Please see the map found on our website (link below) to see if you live in the contemplated district.

When: Thursday Nov. 7 – 7 PM

Where: Garrison Hall at Church of Our Saviour (opposite the fire station at the corner of H. Highland and Los Angeles)

Note: If this topic is new to you, please click here to view the original detailed announcement regarding this process. Additional information can be found by clicking here. 


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