Our “Scammer” Arrested?

The guy who has taken so many of you folks for a “ride” while you were being helpful and offering him a ride may have FINALLY been nabbed this morning. I still have not been able to find out his name or what charges he was arrested on, but, I’m working on getting this info. In the meantime I had to let you know of this morning’s terrific story told by the heroine 911 caller in her own words.

“Our dapper neighborhood visitor (the black man dressed nicely in a suit) attempted to stop me this morning at University and Briarcliff. He said his car broke down and that’s as much as I heard him say as I floored it past him. He matched the exact description of the guy everyone talks about on the message boards. And strangely enough, the car he was pointing to belongs to a neighbor. I called 911 and they quickly took down his description and dispatched someone right away. 911 picked up on the first ring, correctly switched me from Atlanta to DeKalb and were prompt, courteous and took my call seriously. As I was watching him, he talked a driver into letting him into their car and drove off. I followed them while relaying our whereabouts to the 911 operator. For whatever reason, the driver pulled over into the Peachtree Baptist Church parking lot at Briarcliff and LaVista and the suspect rapidly got out. Two police officers were able to catch up to us, got out of their patrol cars and apprehended him..After searching him, they determined he needed to be arrested (not sure what was in his possession). The nice police officer said to me “rest assured, we are taking this man off your neighborhood streets.”

Job well done by our 911 system and our hardworking police officers. Yay!!!!”

Zone 6 has given me a contact name in the DeKalb County DA’s office – but (naturally) they were not in their office and have not returned my phone call yet. But, I really do want to see this guy get some justice served to him – so if I need statements from you folks who have been taken by him – I’ll be putting out a plea for help. Stay tuned!

This story also shows that it pays to be alert and aware and most importantly – 911 Calls Do Make A Difference!!!! Thanx again to the gutsy lady amongst us who really made a difference today !!


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