Tentative Agenda Set for July 8 VHCA Board and General Meeting

Here’s the tentative agenda for tonight’s meeting which will be held at the public library on Ponce de Leon Ave. starting at 7 PM. The public is invited.

Call to Order

Adoption of Agenda (with permission for chair to rearrange order as needed) and Minutes

Reports from Police and Fire Dept. representatives

  • Special report by Lt. Jeff Baxter of APD’s new Path Force BeltLine Patrol

City of Atlanta officials

Other elected officials and guests

Planning Committee – Lola Carlisle

Change of agent and change of corporate ownership for liquor license:

  • Erik Maier, Yeah Burger, 1017 North Highland Ave. NE.  (No LRB filing number provided by NPU-F; requested for this meeting from applicant.)  Applicant reports no history of liquor code violations or charges; in-house training program to continue. Subject to provision of application in a timely manner, Planning Committee unanimously recommends forwarding to NPU-F with no objection.


  • V-13-021;  960 Highland Terrace NE  – withdrawn by applicant.  Planning Committee recommends denial without prejudice.
  • V-13-077;  770 Greenwood Ave. NE.; RG2 zoning; revised application for a reduction in the side yard setback from 7’ required to 3’ for the construction of a new garage and 2nd floor office.  Requested setback minimizes impact on 30”+ slash pine in NW corner of yard that si believed to be the largest such tree in the neighborhood. Planning Committee unanimously recommends approval, subject to provision of all letters of notification and standard VaHi accessory building conditions (60A maximum electrical service and plumbing restricted to hose bib connection only with no connection to sewer system), and applicant’s promise – in light of reduced buffer) to be mindful of construction impacts on east-side neighbor.
  • V-13-099;  1062 Maryland Ave NE; R-4 zoning.   Applicant requests a reduction in the rear yard setback to 5’ to expand the southwest corner of an existing garage being rebuilt on an otherwise existing foundation.  The application includes a toilet and sink inside the garage.  The applicant has appropriately notified the neighbors.  Noting the historic potential and practice of some such structures being converted to illegal residences, the Planning Committee unanimously recommends approval of the expanded rear setback with standard VaHi accessory building conditions (60A maximum electrical service and plumbing restricted to hose bib connection only with no connection to sewer system.)
  • V-13-101; 1050 Ponce de Leon Ave (Briarcliff Summit);  R-4 zoning.  Deferred at request of the applicant.
  • V-13-116; 848  Highland Terrace NE; R-4 zoning.  Appeal of property owners at 854 Highland Terrace NE of a City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management riparian buffer delineation at 848 Highland Terrace and the subsequent issuance of a building permit based on that decision.  Planning Committee unanimously recommends support of the appeal and the use of a standard and typical buffer delineation.

VaHi Transportation Plan – Jenifer Keenan and Jess Windham


  • Summerfest – Pam Papner
  • Tour of Homes – Angelika Taylor

Safety Committee – Peggy Berg

  • Sidewalks update
  • Streets Alive – Sunday, October 6, 2013

Parks –  Lauren Wilkes-Fralick

  • John Howell Park update

New Business

Calendar Items – Lola Carlisle



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