Traffic Advisory: Intown 10K Road Race

Be advised the Intown 10K Road Race will be held this Sunday March 2.

The race will start at 9 AM on Virginia Circle just east of Barnett. Runners will wind through the streets of Virginia-Highland and finish on Barnett Street, just south of Virginia Circle. No full road closures are expected; however, police will block cross streets along the course as runners pass.

Click here for a diagram of the course route. If you prefer a turn-by-turn description of the course, scroll down.

Intown 10K Race Course

  1. START- 936 Virginia Circle ATL 30306 ( Virginia Circle westbound)
  2. Go west on Virginia Circle ( PASS BARNETT STREET)
  3. Turn right on Arcadia
  4. Turn RIGHT on Virginia Avenue
  5. Turn Right on Barnett
  6. Turn RIGHT on Greenwood Avenue
  7. Turn RIGHT on Ponce de Leon Place
  8. Turn LEFT on Virginia Avenue
  9. Turn Right on Kanuga
  10. Turn RIGHT on Monroe Drive
  11. PASS Cresthill, PASS Elmwood, PASS Park Drive, PASS Amsterdam , PASS Hillpine, PASS Cumberland
  12. Turn Right on Sherwood Road
  13. Turn RIGHT on N. Morningside Drive
  14. Turn RIGHT on N. Highland
  15. Turn RIGHT on Courtenay
  16. Courtenay merges to Amsterdam
  17. Turn Right on Brookridge Drive
  18. Bear Right across the Orme Park bridge
  19. Turn LEFT at Elkmont/Brookridge / Orme Circle (signs are confusing as far as name of street)
  20. Bear or turn Right on Elkmont
  22. Park Drive becomes Ponce de Leon Place
  23. PASS Greenwood Avenue
  24. Turn Left on St. Charles Avenue
  25. Turn Left on Barnett Street
  26. Finish on the right side of Barnett Street—just north of Adair but before Virginia Circle

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