VaHi Safety Team Report: August 27, 2013

By: John Wolfinger

Fulton County Sheriff’s News

Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson has announced a new sex offender location service at You can use this website to locate the residences of such offenders.

At the Rice Street jail, Sheriff Jackson announced the graduation for some inmates who have completed one of the jail programs being utilized to help turn inmate’s lives around.!/media/set/?set=a.187023658145379.1073741864.141153622732383&type=3

Read about one of these programs, Canine Cellmates, at  Granted, all of these jail programs cannot turn around all persons being released, but every former inmate who does not return to a life of crime is good for all of us. Thank you, Sheriff Jackson.

Registering Your Burglar Alarm

You can now register your business or residence alarm system at Granted, you have until February to complete this mandated registration – but why wait? It’s something you need to do – so get it over with. I registered mine online and it only took a few minutes (would be even less for those of you who can type faster than I can).

Crime Stoppers

The phone number of 404-577-TIPS that you see at the end of so many crime stories on local TV station newscasts, must really work as detailed in this Crime Stopper report at

The BeltLine Mounted Patrol

If you have not yet seen this terrific YouTube video – check it out at There have not been any reports (that I know of anyway) of criminal activity on this popular pathway since the new police force took charge – but do not tempt fate by flaunting electronics. This beautiful addition to our city scene is drawing thousands of joggers, bike riders, and strollers – but please stay alert as you are still in the city.

A New Crime Fighting Tool Proposal

I was a somewhat skeptical meeting attendee at police headquarters on 8/27 to announce a new crime fighting tool that is under consideration by APD to be used here. I will admit that I left with most of my skepticism left behind. Rather than trying to describe all of the details on how this system works, please go to the company’s website at for a better explanation. This is a marking system to be used on items that you would consider to be candidates for theft and does not rely on your etching or writing your own identification marks. Using a glue stick looking tube you rub on an adhesive substance that contains crystals the size of a salt crystal that contains a code number that is matched to you. There is a tool used by the police that can then read the crystals on items that have been stolen and recovered. The tool would be available at Lowe’s for about $30.00. Also – try Googling “copdots” for even more info about this system and where it has already been put in use. After you have read the web info about this and you have questions/suggestions/remarks, please pass them on to me and I’ll forward on to the APD folks working on this project. Remember, this is only a proposal at this time – no commitments have been made by the city or APD.  But – this is your chance to influence APD’s thinking about this system.

Maiden Lane Cleaning

We all owe Rad Slough, the Urban Body owner, a vote of thanx for his continual cleaning along Maiden Lane on the PDL Place end of this street. It is my hope that others will follow Rad’s lead and help him keep this street clean, especially those whose property abuts this once neglected street.

Also – does anyone know folks who live in the apartments along Bonaventure Avenue between St. Charles and PDL Avenues? The trash and recycling bins in this area are often left in the street long after the Monday pickup day, in violation of city ordinances which state they are to be taken in by Tuesday. We also really need a Safety Team Street Captain for Bonaventure and if you know of someone who would be a good candidate for this position – please let me know.

Safety Team Street Captain’s Meeting

As I announced in the last Safety Report, there is a terrific meeting planned for all residential Street Captains and businesses on 9/14 Saturday morning (9:30 til noon) at the Church of Our Saviour.  If you will not be able to attend (and we realize not everyone will be able) please nominate another person in your watch area or from your business who can attend.  Captain Brent Schierbaum of the 911 call center and video integration center will be the speaker and I am sure we can all learn from him about this vital part of APD.  San Francisco Coffee is providing coffee with the BeltLine Kroger providing pastries.

The following reports are taken from our APD Zone 6 ( for the 2013 weeks of 31 and 32 (7/28 to 8/10) for our VaHi Beat 601. These reports are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what happens around us everyday and to raise your level of alertness.

Aggravated Assault – On 7/31 at an unnamed St. Charles Avenue at North Highland Avenue bar (there are only 2 here) the victim (a male employee) stated that a young w/m who was asked to leave earlier, stayed around and when female employees were leaving he began to yell at them as he went to his car. The armed victim then came out to check on the situation and the suspect aimed his car at him. The victim then fired at the car as it barreled towards him, causing the suspect to crash the car who then fled on foot into the early morning darkness. The suspect’s name was on the debit card he had used for payment – but no word as to an arrest. I’m glad that no one was hurt in this incident.

Auto Theft – No incidents reported from Beat 601.

Commercial Burglary – No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Residential Burglary – Two such incidents and both on Lanier Boulevard. The 8/1 entry was made via an unlocked door with jewelry and silver taken. The 8/3 entry was made by breaking a door- side window with electronics taken. I always wonder as to how many houses thieves have to check out to find one with an unlocked door.

Commercial Robbery – No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Residential Robbery – No reported incidents from Beat 601.

Pedestrian Robbery – No reported incidents from Beat 601.

However, around the Zone, there are still lots of reports of such robberies taking cell phones, wallets, etc. either via weapons, strong arm or intimidation.

Larceny From Vehicle – Here we go with another long list of folks, many of whom ignored the Clean Car Campaign.  Vehicles were entered on North Highland Avenue (3), Rosedale Road, Lanier Boulevard (2), Maiden Lane, and PDL Avenue – this last incident resulted in an arrest courtesy of a security camera that showed the suspect with an identifiable limp.  Good police work here to find this limping guy.

All over the Zone in this time span there were 118 incidents with 12 arrests made.

Larceny Other – No reported incidents from Beat 601.

At the PDL Avenue BeltLine Kroger a customer left his cell phone at the u-scan checkout – and (you guessed it) it was gone when he returned.

Enjoy these rain-free days while they last and stay alert.


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