VOICE – September 1980

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  • General Meeting
  • Calendar
  • Singed Around the Edges (Atlanta’s Big Fire)
  • Thought You’d Like to Know
  • September Safety
  • Preservationists (Atlanta Preservation Center)
  • Of Interest to Local History Buffs
  • Terrific Tuesdays a Success
  • Community Bulletin Board
  • Special Edition St. Charles-Greenwood Report: Safety Fair, Delapicated Houses, Liquor License, Wistlestop, Atkins Park Zoning, Great Park
  • Help Needed – Last Chance Fall Fling
  • Winning Neighbors
  • Over 60 and Involved
  • Briarcliff Summit (renovation)
  • Plea to Parents
  • Oral History Workshops
  • New Over 60 Groups

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