What Goes Around, Comes Around – Even Hexagonal Pavers!

If you’re thinking about repairing or replacing the sidewalk adjacent to your home and you’re a fan of hexagonal pavers, you might want to follow the lead of Ann and Anthony Guy.

The Guys recently redid the sidewalk that runs along the Adair Avenue side of their home (see before/after pictures below) using pavers recycled from St. Charles Avenue. VHCA volunteers collected the pavers that the city was planning to discard when new sidewalk was installed on St. Charles last summer. The pavers were stockpiled so that neighbors with a ‘paver passion’ can retain the look of the neighborhood’s original sidewalks.

The money the Guys paid for these recycled pavers goes into a special VHCA fund. The fund will be used to provide financial assistance to other neighbors who would not otherwise be able to participate in the next bundle of sidewalks assembled by the VHCA sidewalk committee.

A limited number of additional hexagonal pavers are available to others who want to do as the Guys did. Pavers are $6 for VaHi residents, $8 for non-residents. Contact Peggy Berg at 404-236-9064 or pegberg1111@gmail.comfor more information or to order pavers.

Before, looking eastbound
After, looking westbound

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